Advance Java

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  • Course level: Intermediate
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  • Duration 2 Months
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  • Last Update December 12, 2019


  1. Introduction to JEE Architecture
  2. JEE components and Containers.
  3. Servlet
    Introduction to Servlet.
    Servlet API
    Servlet Life cycle
    Servlet Request
    Servlet Configuration.
    Servlet context
    Servlet collaboration
    Session tracking
    Event and Listener
  4. Java Server Page (JSP)
    JSP Introduction
    JSP Life cycle
    JSP scripting elements
    Implicit objects
    Exception Handling
    Action Elements
    Expression Language
    Custom tags
    MVC in JSP
    File Uploading and Downloading
  5. Remote Method Invocation((RMI)
  6. Enterprise Java Beans (EJB)
  7. Java Mail
  8. Project with Struts Framework